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“This art is incredibly interesting…it challenges and forces you to think. It stays with you for years, etched in your memory. And that’s not to mention the fantastic color palette..”

Dr. Zinoviy Solomonovich Vaidberg – Professor and Chair of Urology, First Medical Institute, Moscow, Lysakov art collector since 1994

"There was an incident in my life when my wife was prescribed a wrong medication during a routine procedure. The side effect was almost lethal. While she was recovering at home both physically and from psychological shock, we were amazed to discover the therapeutic effect that one of Victor Lysakov’s paintings had on her. I remember it gave her strength - that quiet resolve that she was going to make it, overcome this sickness and win.”

Jack Thornton – Vice President, Lukoil Petroleum Company, Lysakov art collector since 1995

"The colors Lysakov uses in his paintings have always attracted me. But these paintings are much deeper…they are mesmerizing and challenging. Many of my friends have offered to buy these paintings from me, but I am not even entertaining such thoughts at this point.”

Thomas M. Russo – Vice President and General Counselor, Conoco International Petroleum Company, Lysakov art collector since 1996