The Transfiguration is a miraculous event, which occurred in A.D. 29 at the top of Mount Tabor in Jerusalem, Israel. Jesus led his three closest apostles, Peter, John and James to pray at the top of this mountain. Here, the brethren witnessed the transfiguration of Christ, his face and white clothing brilliantly shining like the sun. As the years passed, many churches were built around this site and a holiday was established to commemorate this event. In Russia, The Feast of Transfiguration is celebrated each year on August 19th. Fruit, especially apples, are traditionally brought to church to be blessed on that day. For reasons I can’t explain, the custom forbids eating apples the day before. One August, I was at my dacha (home in the countryside) and noticed a fallen branch with a ripe green apple and a leaf sparkling with dew. I put it next to my easel and began to paint. I am not a religious man, but a man of faith – I simply paint when God grants me the inspiration. Apple Savior portrays how both divine beings and ordinary people can witness extraordinary glimpses of heaven now and then.