Bow and Arrow Angel

1992, Oil on Canvas, Size: 32 x 24

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece finished construction precisely when the new Spartan war began and the budget ran out. For the ancient Greeks, the winged goddess Nike represented the personification of victory and her statue was erected at the Acropolis entrance. Theoretically, she is to be seen hovering with outspread wings over the victor. But during a period of indignation, the Athenians chopped off her wings, only to lose the war almost 30 years later. The beauty of an angel’s wings is indescribable. Some are a brilliant white, some are subtle grey and others colorfully glisten like the wings of a parrot. React to this painting as you wish, but I have only one request: please do not to refer to this angel as “Cupid.” This angel is the Goddess of Victory.