Evening Walk

1990, Oil on Canvas, Size: 39 x 31

“I journeyed far and long on this road of poetry.
There were times when I walked with a light in my hand;
Other times I walked in the darkness with the confidence of a sleepwalker
journeying on the very edge.”
- Russian Poet Anna Akhmatova

In my earlier artistic career, I painted quickly and with ease. I enjoyed the process immensely – the creation of art was pure ecstasy. As the years went by, however, I learned how to pace myself. I plunge deeply into the image, and at times, I fear that my voyage is so deep that I might never return to reality. Hours are spent facing a blank canvas, as I calculate the possibilities of different colors and compositions. It is a grueling process, but I keep focused on the finest reward – the opportunity to share my creation with the audience.