February 24th

1990, Oil on Canvas, Size: 55 x 51

“Red Army and Red Navy Day” is a deep-rooted Soviet tradition that is annually celebrated on February 23rd. Technically translated, it means “Men’s Day,” where countrymen rejoice with reckless abandon and tend to be a bit inebriated during the festivities. One year was particularly memorable. To divert the traffic police, your conversation had to be quick and clever, and the occasional bribe of a bottle of Cognac was always welcomed. The next day, February 24th, is a time of recovery, reflection and repentance. Out of remorse, I began to paint this image. It conquered my deep guilt and gave me a renewed sense of honor. February 24th participated in several exhibitions and the public embraced it with extraordinary enthusiasm. I described this civic phenomenon as “immersive-ness.”