Redheaded Beauty

1999, Oil on Canvas, Size: 32 x 24

It’s a rare phenomenon when a painting is adored by both the public and the artist. When I painted Redheaded Beauty, my wife instantly agreed that the woman was indeed stunning; for several weeks, she was even a bit jealous of the painting. Each time someone viewed this painting, they would gaze into the woman’s eyes, examine the splendor of her fan, and study the mysterious look on her face. The verdict was always unanimous: she was beautiful. For a long time, I hung that painting in my house. My Redheaded Beauty had the power to calm me down whenever I was tense or agitated. One day she left, and I felt a deep sense of emptiness and loneliness. I couldn’t live without her, so I restored her beauty with a Giclee, and she has been in my home ever since.