Repeating Sound

1989, Oil on Canvas, Size: 51 x 39

“Tum Balalaika”
The groom is thinking all night long
He is thinking and thinking all night long
Who should I chose and would not confuse
Who should I chose and would not confuse
Tumbala, tum-bala, tum-balalaika
Tum-bala, tum-bala, tum-balala
Tum-balalaika, play for my heart
Let it rejoice together with you!

The balalaika is an instrument of Russian origin. It has a triangular body, a long neck with frets, a flat back and a thin, slightly arched soundboard. This instrument is often associated with the traditional Yiddish folk melody, “Tum Balalaika,” a love song about finding the perfect wife for marriage. The song is quite simple and the message is universally understood. It knows no borders – it is one tight knot that unites nations, ethnicities, blood, passion and infinite love. Whether the song was played centuries ago or performed in modern day, the sound reverberates. Catch your breath for a moment and pause…do you hear it?