1991, Oil on Canvas, Size: 59 x 51

I am fascinated by the night, by its scents, sounds, colors and dangers. The darkness has the aromas of jasmine, humidity and freshly cut grass. Each sound is distinct as if it were a pearl in a necklace. The night is pierced with a flute melody and a fountain selfishly flows with complete disregard to its surroundings. The night is a viridian dark green or violet, with colors that never dry out. Feelings become sharper and every turn reels with the unknown. The movements of a cat are soft and cautious. As the new dawn approaches, objects quickly awaken and the still life becomes a stage. These resurrected characters fall in love, laugh, suffer, cheat and rejoice in reunion. The night is eternally short and all too soon the rooster will announce the morning – like the third bell in intermission. Tomorrow a new night draws near. I invite you into that night…