The Great Russian Mentality

2004, Acrylic on Canvas, Size: 59 x 51

Selecting the title of this painting was an effortless endeavor. As Russians, our people are somehow preoccupied with our great mentality and our mysterious soul. The painting began with a strange premonition of sorts. I spent a long time stretching and studying the canvas before finally making my first sketch. As I painted, I recalled the extensive and arduous history of this land. Throughout the painting’s evolution, our household became immersed in alertness. The progress was slow, but the image grew strength with every brushstroke. When the painting was at last complete, my son came home and observed my work of art. My wife and I greeted him, but he just sat silently gazing at the painting. It was only after several minutes that he spoke, “So how did you do it?” Quite confused by the inquiry, I responded, “Did what?” My son then elaborated, “How did you cram the history of a thousand years into those eyes?” His extraordinary question confirmed that my painting was indeed a success.