Art Reviews

Victor Lysakov does not paint on the current issues, trends or topics. It is much more important for him to reflect not the passing matter of temporary concerns, but the eternal one.

S.M. Ivanitsky

Soviet and Modern Art Department Chair, Russian State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Victor Lysakov does not portray events that are happening right this moment. He rather gives a chance for the viewer to judge for himself…the language of Victor Lysakov does not need any translations.

Jurgen Weichardt

Director and Vice President of the Oldenburk and German Kunstferain Unions, respectably.

The creative work of Victor Lysakov is a phenomenon of modern art which is far from the trivial neo avant-garde…

Igor Dychenko

Recognized by the state of Ukraine as a “National Treasure” art and theatre critic, Dychenko also owns a personal collection of Lysakov’s paintings.

One can not be indifferent to the art of Victor Lysakov. The audience is caught by surprise when it realizes that even their deepest and most sacred feelings and thoughts are an open book for the artist. Lysakov owns the key to the most hidden parts of the viewers’ soul.

N. M. Yurosovskaya

Chief Executive Researcher, Modern Art Department, Russian State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Lysakov is a gifted artist, gifted by nature, by the grace of God…these paintings came out of his convictions, his emotions, his aesthetics, his entire being.

Vasiliy Alexeievich Pushkarev

Legendary former Russian Museum Director, who acquired over 200,000 pieces of art during his reign of nearly three decades.

His visions are tender and may appear a bit immature, but they are filled with expression where color and music are fused into one. In this everlasting dialog of incredibly close beings, one can find the hints for a kind of philosophy of love.

A.I. Morozov

Vice President, Russian State Tryatyakov Gallery, Moscow; Russian Art History Chair, Moscow State University; President, Russian Art Critics Association

The characters of Lysakov’s paintings are ‘strange,’ but they do have a soul, and in this soul dwells love and faithfulness and loyalty…

Leonid Lerner

Art Critic and Journalist